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Flying, Paramount style

Posted by anandrr on November 27, 2007

paramount banner

Vikram had assured me that flying home on Paramount would be mega-fun also, the best experience at the best prices. My flight was at 9:15, and I was at the airport at an early 8:30. All checked in and ready to fly soon after, I went through the metal detectors and seated myself waiting for the flight to be announced. I popped open my trusty laptop and set to work while I waited, and before I knew it, it was 9:10 and my flight hadn’t been announced yet. I walked up to the Paramount booth and asked if they had any intention of flying us out that evening. “Oh we’re not from Paramount,” the guy told me, “why,” he asks, “did you have a flight out soon?” “Yes,” I replied, “in about 5 minutes to be exact.” He shrugged, as if to say, that’s how it goes. I started calling people frantically to see if I could roust out a Paramount employee or two, and I also noticed that nobody else seemed unduly worried that a flight was due to take off in a minute or two and nobody from the bloody airline had shown up as yet. Eventually, the Paramount folks showed up at 9:30, shepherded us on to the flight in about 5 minutes, and the flight took off at 9:45! Let’s hear it for efficiency. And horrible customer service.


One Response to “Flying, Paramount style”

  1. Shankar said

    I completely disagree on Paramount’s service. They are one of the best airlines I have ever flown. I fly atleast 10 times a month and Paramount is always my first choice. Their in-flight service and food is among the most enjoyable cuisine ever had in the skies. On a 1 hr flight between Chennai and Madurai I had a full soup to dessert meal. I also like the seating comfort on the aircraft where there are no middle seats and plenty of leg room. Maybe pal you should try another paramount flight and see if you like it !

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