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Listening to your customers

Posted by anandrr on November 27, 2007

nokia 1200


India famously adds about 8 million new cell phone customers every month. That’s about 100 million new customers a year. Most countries have less people than that. Needless to say, if you’re Nokia you’re listening closely to what those customers are saying. And what they’re saying is that it sucks to have to carry two instruments: a phone and a flashlight. Other countries can have their phone-camera combos and phones that double as GPS devices. Here in India we want our phone to double as a flashlight because we never know when our utility will leave us in the dark. Indeed, Nokia’s ad for the phone touts 3 features: its ability to act as a phone, its ability to keep you in touch with your cricket goings-on(! not sure what this was about), and its ability to provide light.

Ford apparently used to pooh-pooh customer demands claiming that if he had listened to his customers he would have built a faster horse. Nokia, on the other hand, did listen to its customers and built a phone that lights up. Perfect!


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