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On functioning brains

Posted by anandrr on May 20, 2008

This might get me arrested. But what the hell. I just read this in The Hindu. The background here is that 92 year old Harkishen Singh Surjeet, veteran Communist Party leader, is in hospital in a coma. This would be the man who sets his face against anything that might help India grow, because of course by growing we are only submitting to the Great Evil Imperialist Empire. Unless his overlords in China want us to do it, in which case we absolutely must. Indeed, he is probably one of the few people left who thinks China is still a Communist paradise.

“Though his vital organs are stable, his condition is neither better nor worse. He had seizures and was medicated for it and his brain is still functioning,”

(emphasis mine)

It practically writes itself, doesn’t it?


One Response to “On functioning brains”

  1. Babu Syed said

    this is the man while being questioned to spell his name in the court during british raj, answered “london todnawallah!” (one who breaks london)- will that help china?

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