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Ahmadinejad v Bush

Posted by anandrr on June 25, 2008

We rarely do American politics here at Just Landed, we like to think we’ve left that behind for good. But this was too good not to write up. Listening to the Fresh Air podcast the other day, I heard this interview with Iranian(?) writer Kasra Naji. Naji’s complaints about Ahmadinejad basically seemed to be:

  • He’s too right wing and is in the pocket of the local religious clergy
  • He and his folks were elected in a democratic election but since then have been anything but democratic in their methods.
  • He believes in crazy religious talk like the belief that the 12th Sufi saint (who went “missing”) will return in our own lifetimes (along with the return of Jesus apparently) and preside over an Islamic utopia.
  • He believes that the 12th Sufi saint speaks through him.
  • He is but a traffic planning engineer, how could he possibly understand weighty themes such as Western liberal thought and the Enlightenment

At the Blandings Media Empire, we are not Ahmadinejad apologists, but we have lived in the US for the last 11 years. But replace the bit about the Sufi saint with  Jesus, and the phrase “traffic planning engineer” with “failed oilman and lucky businessman” and what do we have?

This reminded us of a talk radio show on one of the local right wing AM stations that we heard one day in the States. This was about two years ago when a war with Iran seemed all but certain. and Ahmadinejad was invited to speak at Columbia and this was the prevailing outrage of the week. Said talk radio host was putting down Iran and Ahmadinejad, and suggested that his election was basically a fraud, because in Iran we were told, the religious clergy decided who “their candidate” was going to be and that person had gone on to win, which would never happen in a real democracy.


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  1. I agreed with you

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