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Choosing a DVD Rental Service: Seventymm

Posted by anandrr on June 30, 2008

Seventymm has less than BigFlix, it’s missing all the same ones as BigFlix, and is also missing Infernal Affairs. Also they don’t redeem themselves by stocking Blood Simple. 5/10, very poor!


One Response to “Choosing a DVD Rental Service: Seventymm”

  1. Vish said

    Well Mr.,
    Do understand that BIGFlix is in its nascent stages and I am sure it will improve as the days go by. Your comments would have stood ground had they been made after a while.
    As customers, we should be accomodative and help them build a world-class rental company (offer suggestions). The day is not far when BIGFlix will buy NETFlix hands down!
    So, let us not display our split personalities.

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