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In Which We Hate on Leopard

Posted by anandrr on July 14, 2008

We were all very excited to upgrade our Mac to Leopard. Since then, we’ve realized that this has to be the worst operating system release from Apple and we would have been better off not upgrading. We’re not talking about the needless graphical bogosities that seem to have been invented just to chew up CPU cycles, although we hate those also. The persistent problem we have is that about once a week we end up hard rebooting our laptop for one of two reasons:

  • If you try to access a program that has a large memory footpring and is currently completely swapped out, expect to enter hell. First you see the awesome sight of the newly activated window appearing completely pixelated and being unusable. This window will never regain its lost glory. By itself that’s not a problem, just kill the program and get on with your life. Wrong! Now every few seconds, the entire system freezes up. Click on a window, and watch in horror as the system freezes for a few seconds before being usable. Start typing and watch as the system keeps freezing and unfreezing every few seconds. It feels as if the system might be thrashing but we have no way of verifying that. The only way out seems to be to hard reboot the system. This happens to us about once every 2-3 weeks.
  • When that’s not happening, we have to deal with the laptop not waking up from sleep. It wakes up, the disks seem to be spinning, it seems to access the network but the screen won’t light up. Clear trigger conditions are something ruining its sleep like unhooking a usb device from a sleeping computer or waking it up just as it was going to sleep. But sometimes this happens even in normal use. Since we suspend and resume our computer a few times every day, about once a week we encounter this and have to hard-reboot the machine.

We can’t believe we’re doing this but our computer is now about as reliable as a Windows laptop. Thanks Apple!


One Response to “In Which We Hate on Leopard”

  1. PS said

    Isn’t happening to me. Haven’t heard of it happening to anyone else either. I am running Leopard on one of the first MBPs to be sold in India. I suppose you’ve checked the online forums to see if anyone else shares your agony?

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