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What do I do with my garbage?

Posted by anandrr on July 16, 2008

You’re living in Bangalore. You’re wondering what to do with the garbage in the bin. You might notice that an autorickshaw goes around every day collecting garbage from each house and you just hand it over to them. You might notice the armies of garbage pick up workers in green uniforms walking around and handover your plastic sack full of garbage to them, or leave it out for them to pick up. Or, if you’re the average Bangalorean, you find the nearest sign that says “Don’t put your garbage here” and proceed to dump your garbage there. The word garbage in the sign is like catnip to cats. It immediately attracts garbage from the surrounding area.

So you could have knocked us down with a feather when we found, on a recent walk, a “Don’t put your garbage here” sign whose surroundings were entirely garbage free. The residents here seem completely incapable of understanding basic English.


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