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What Would Google Do Indeed?

Posted by anandrr on February 20, 2009

Me emailing the moment to JP, Editor, Bookmarks magazine: With any luck the reviews on [What Would Google Do] are coming in at around 1 star.  Walked in to the bookstore and this douche of an author is standing here and being himself. God what a load.

But  more interesting  than the author and his speech was the audience itself. The bookstore in question was Books Inc in downtown Mountain View, hometown of the aforementioned Google. I was emailing on the (supposedly citywide) free public Wifi provided by Google to the fine denizens of that fine town. The last time I had seen a Google-related talk at Books Inc was when Battelle was there flogging his Search book. Back then, Google was the new darling and everybody wanted to fawn on the Google. This time, it was very different. This book might have top-picked the Google phenomenon. For a Mountain View audience, they were distinctly hostile to the ideas that the author was flogging, they pooh-poohed transparency, calling Google the most secretive company on earth (when the author challenged that, they gave in a little and admitted that perhaps the CIA and FBI were more secretive), they questioned whether the concept of beta products extended to much more than free web offerings and brandished bug-ridden Android phones as proof, they didn’t think Google would exist at all without vast Government expenditures and so where did we get off belittling other Government initiatives (the specific topic being global warming)?

This turn in sentiment is curious, very curious.


3 Responses to “What Would Google Do Indeed?”

  1. Samir said

    Sounds like the Mountain View State of Mind. I’m sure Google is still as highly respected around the world as ever before.

    A couple of tough advertising quarters shouldn’t take anything away from them…

  2. anandrr said

    my point being that mountain view is turning, the rest of the world might follow.

  3. Vaidu said

    Hey Anna

    Personally? I don’t google much now. I have found better sites which give me better results and more genuine ones. Only when I am being lazy(I can see that comment coming from you :P to that) and its not really something important and i know what i want will be the first result do i google. Else i use dogpile. Its way better and and it really weeds out the dung.

    Google is not the top engine anymore. It remians so only for the just initiated to internet and rare users. If you are some one who uses internet atleast once in a couple of days you sure don’t use Google.

    Last I used too google was for that Facebook note i never got around to writing. Dang!

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