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Film Review: 3 Idiots

Posted by anandrr on January 17, 2010

3 Idiots starts swimmingly, a gentleman on an Air India flight gets a call that his friend Rancho whom he has not seen for almost 10 years has recently been found, this new information causes him to fake a heart attack thus forcing the plane to head back and he then scurries away from the emergency personnel as soon as he is on solid ground. It ends quite beautifully, set against the shore of a clear blue lake with the Himalayas for a backdrop, it seems like cinematographer heaven. Between these bookends, the film is filled with such fetid garbage that one wonders what the film makers were thinking. It reminded me of those not-so-rare piles of garbage on Indian streets that one walks past and struck by the sudden stench of the situation, one walks past again wondering if it really stank as much as it did, and yes it stank, in fact it stank worse than it just did a moment ago. Every successive scene in 3 Idiots is like that: can it really stink any worse, why yes it can, just wait for them to serve it up to you.

Superficially, it is a movie about one Rancho a smart student at ICE, India’s best engineering college, and his two friends who are less smart but at the same premier engineering college, trying to get through their four years as best as they can while at the same time having fun. It is supposedly a jolly ride through college, nostalgic scenes about hostels and dorm rooms abound, but it is also a vain attempt to take the education system to task for taking some of our best people and turning them into something they would never have wanted to be.

Spoilers after the jump!
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Indian Higher Education: Thumbs Down

Posted by anandrr on September 2, 2008

We wrote earlier about what we thought about the state of Computer Science education in India. I’ll now expound on Indian higher education in general. The symptoms are similar, and the reasons are largely similar also. The main symptom is somewhat like the problem with CS grads, almost all graduates of Indian universities are unemployable. As before this is not a personal failing of the students themselves, like all students they are enthusiastic and eager but the education system fails them, and fails the country. Nobody seeing the high demand for Indian college graduates in cities like Bangalore and their sky rocketing salaries would believe the premise of this post, but join me after the jump and I’ll dish. Read the rest of this entry »

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What We Look for in CS Grads

Posted by anandrr on August 25, 2008

I recently visited our old alma mater, NIT Calicut, for a round of campus interviews for our company. While I was there, I met with old professors who had had a hand in teaching me and we spent some time discussing what we were looking for, and I was asked to write it up, so this write up would be that write up. We were interested only in students of Computer Science and we take some not insubstantial pride in the quality of engineering talent we already have at our company and the quality of incoming talent and our rigorous process for inducting this talent. I’ve personally interviewed hundreds of candidates over the last few years, and like to think that I have some key insights into what makes a successful engineer and what doesn’t. At any rate, I have keen insight into what makes an engineer employable at our company and what doesn’t. In all my discussion here I am thinking only of students just completing engineering school, people who in India are termed “freshers.”  In a future post, I will discuss some more about non-engineering graduates and graduates in general, but here the discussion will be strictly CS grads from our best engineering schools (EF will be participating in campus recruitment at a couple IITs, IIIT Hyderabad, NITs Calicut and Trichy, and the top engineering colleges in Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore). Follow me after the jump, if you still care about what I have to say about all this. Read the rest of this entry »

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