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Flashback Friday: Name That Band

Posted by anandrr on December 26, 2008

Identify the rock bands?

Identify the rock bands?

Remember some 2-3 years ago this picture was making the rounds and it had some 100 rock bands cleverly hidden in it, and you had to identify all of them to prove your rock cred and all along you thought it was just some elaborate joke being played by Virgin and damned if you were going to get sucked in but you had to because otherwise your music cred was entirely at stake? And  you were walking around saying Radiohead was the greatest and you just knew somewhere in there was a guy with a radio for a head but damned if you could find it and this was only going to make you look worse than you already did.

I finally got around to listening to the latest Girl Talk yesterday. Oh it was downloaded the day of release for free and everything, but we clean forgot about it until we were reminded yesterday. And such joy. Easily among the top albums of the year. And non-stop entertainment as you try to name that band and song. Perfect!


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Flashback Friday: Bong Hits Edition

Posted by anandrr on November 7, 2008

We’re reminded of when we were kids and our school in which had started just that year (Go NPS!) had to come up with names for the four houses. Those were simple times with simple teachers apparently so when it came time to choose the names they went with simple Red House, Blue House, Green House and Yellow House. It was a letdown of sorts but with appropriately themed paraphernalia we were quite willing to root for our color and did it enthusiastically and vociferously. We have to believe that the theming had something to do with it, we could tell our red themed compatriots from a distance, and knew to boo when the blue fellows had their turn up at the starting line. (Today of course, NPS seems to have gotten a lot more sophisticated and has real historical names of mighty significance for its houses.) Why are we reminded of this? We’re watching the NKP Salve Trophy on the TV. It features 3 cricket teams from India, chosen by a nameless face in the sky. The teams are India Red, India Blue and India Green. So already it’s looking weak. Why not just choose the three strongest state teams? Then, the teams are chosen completely randomly, so what’s in it for me to root for one team over another? Finally, here’s the India Blue uniform:

© The Hindu

India Blue: Image © The Hindu

That’s not so bad, nice and bluey. So what does India Red look like?
India Red

India Red: Image © The Hindu

That’s right. Mostly blue. But if you’re thinking that’s bad, wait till you see India Green. Check out the guy in bright yellow:
© The Hindu

India Green (and Blue): © The Hindu

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