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Arnie Pulls a Kim Jong Il

Posted by anandrr on September 2, 2009

Yet again a foreign state-head with a liking for Hollywood action movies has imprisoned a citizen of the free world on what the victim claims are made-up charges. We tried to send our ex-President to rescue the poor sod, but he was unreasonably frisked and detained at the airport and never made it off the ground. The bastards! They thought of everything. Perhaps we should send Shah Rukh (his name is Khan!) to distract the prison guards with his dancing while Mr Jon sashays away to freedom.


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A Tale of Two Pakistani Kids

Posted by anandrr on December 14, 2008

Almost a month ago, young Nasir Sultan, 15, was released from a jail in India and allowed to return to his hometown in Pakistan.

Nasir Sultan returns to Pakistan. © AP

Nasir Sultan returns to Pakistan. © AFP

Young Nasir was guilty of sneaking into India. He idolized Shah Rukh Khan and wished to make a career for himself in Bollywood. When found, he was put in jail, but released quickly because who among us has not been guilty of wanting to meet the King of Bollywood? Most Indians would have been sympathetic towards young Nasir, and nobody wished him anything but a safe return.

Exactly one week later, India woke up to this picture in their newspapers of another young Pakistani who had sneaked into the country.

One of the Mumbai terrorists.

One of the Mumbai terrorists.

Both pictures show us a confident, young man, dressed like any reasonably well off middle class kid in the subcontinent, and but for the weaponry virtually indistinguishable from one another. One sneaked into India because he was attracted by the glitz of Mumbai, the other, well, apparently for the same reason, but with different motives.

But here’s the kicker. In the future, expect young Nasirs when they are found to be treated with no kindness at all. After all, who’s to say? Any cop who finds an errant Pakistani kid in India will certainly make sure that the kid pays not only for his current sin of being on foreign soil without a permit, but for all the sins of his fellow-countrymen. And that’s the real tragedy. All young Pakistani boys and men suddenly moved into the enemy column. But mostly, they really just want to be Shah Rukh Khan.

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Flashback Friday: Remember That Kid From Fauji?

Posted by anandrr on September 19, 2008

We’ve mentioned before our somewhat recent learnings about Don. It was even more recent that we finally got to watch the latest version of Don. It runs to 3 hours or more, so we cleverly skipped the first half hour and the last half hour. But we got the flesh, er, meat of the movie. We loved the movie. The entire movie was an exercise in titillation and how. You had your tech porn, gadget porn, automotive porn, action porn and of course plenty of luscious, soft porn.

But most of all, we loved Shah Rukh Khan. We’ve mocked him before for his ubiquitousness on the TV. We’ve mocked him personally for his seeming overarching desire to be bigger than the Big B. But man, what a star! He totally brings it, and totally owns it. But some things never change. The mannerisms that made him famous some twenty years ago? Still here! Back in the day, we used to love this and all, but looking at it now, it seems like a cheap Army recruitment video. Note to self: Don’t revisit the past.

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ShahRukh Khan endorses this blog!

Posted by anandrr on December 16, 2007

srk ponytail

Apparently the great SRK will appear in an ad for anything. This is quite amazing. With a brand as strong as his, you would think he would be selective about the products that he endorses. But no! He will pimp for anybody willing to pay him money. And even the ads aren’t of particularly high quality. Hollywood stars are a little smarter about this, they have ads that they appear in that they are proud of, and those that they are not so proud of. The first category is seen in the US, the second only in Japan.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve seen SRK in ads for cell phone service provider Airtel, satellite TV provider Dishtv, the Hyundai i10 car, Belmonte Suitings (complete with pony tail, imagine if you will a ponytailed man telling us how to look stylish), Fair and Handsome cream (for men natch!), Pepsi, Omega Watches, and worst of all Pasta Treat (which seems to be some kind of cheap microwave dinner).

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