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Posts Tagged ‘shahrukh khan’

Arnie Pulls a Kim Jong Il

Posted by anandrr on September 2, 2009

Yet again a foreign state-head with a liking for Hollywood action movies has imprisoned a citizen of the free world on what the victim claims are made-up charges. We tried to send our ex-President to rescue the poor sod, but he was unreasonably frisked and detained at the airport and never made it off the ground. The bastards! They thought of everything. Perhaps we should send Shah Rukh (his name is Khan!) to distract the prison guards with his dancing while Mr Jon sashays away to freedom.


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Learn Something New Everyday – I

Posted by anandrr on January 1, 2008

I’m sure half of India knew this already but it is only now that I’ve learnt this. Apparently the Tamil movie Billa starring Rajnikanth is a scene by scene remake of the Amitabh-starrer Don. Both of which were superhits of course. Don was made in 1978, Billa in 1980. In 2007, Don was remade in Hindi with Shah Rukh Khan as Don. It was a super hit of course. So naturally, Billa was remade in Tamil (but immediately in 2007) with an Ajith bloke starring in it. The new Billa doesn’t seem to be such a hot movie, however.

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